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Our Story


Shaman was born out of our team’s own experience and need. We wanted to slow things down, and bring everything back to basics. The simple pleasures in life, creating human connections and deep conversations. Shaman was born out of a vision 2 friends from France had – to bring these simple pleasures to the wellness space in London, through a particular focus on what they knew how to do best – coffee, food and drinks.

Our mission is to provide time-deprived urbanites with an experience that enables them to slow down, even for a second, something recent months have made us realise is key to feel good. Wellness is at the heart of what we do, but more than just what you eat or drink. Wellness for us is what is able to recharge your batteries – a conversation, a soothing atmosphere, a quiet place to work. Our approach to slowing down takes inspiration from France, where long lunches are a fundamental daily pleasure, and taking the time to chat is part of picking up your baguette at the local bakery.

The world now more than ever needs spaces where you can lose track of time and where you can feel at ease enough to just slow down and enjoy the things you love. With 6 locations across London, Shaman’s mission is ever-growing and we’d love you to embark on this journey with us.


the name.

A shaman means the one who knows. A shaman is a healer. The belief that he communicates with the spirits gives him authority. Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and moreover, a way of life. It is a way to connect with nature and all of creation. There is a sense of helping the community in Shamanism. We can all learn something from the shamans of our world.

What is

wellness to us?

It’s a balance. It’s about the very small things in life that bring you joy.

It’s all about feeling good inside, whatever that means for you.

It’s about slowing down.

It’s a moment. Not a moment that removes things from our lives, but a moment that adds to it: self-love, generosity or socialising with people.


That’s our definition of wellness. But we know there are hundreds more, and each is different to every individual. We are on a quest, through our own curiosity and community, to discover the variations of what “wellness” means to people.

We’d love to hear your own definition of wellness.

What does it mean to you?

Wellness through coffee,

co-working & community.

The Intention


Our mission is to bring wellness back to its core and provide spaces that make people feel comfortable. To share our journey and show our guests what it really means to us, we created 6 different personas that each represent various aspects of our mystical world.

And so we created our own Intention Cards.


“Wellness is a balance. It’s about the very small things in life that bring you joy.”












We have carefully selected six regions of the world that carry some of the most extended and unique shamanic practices and beliefs. Each region is represented by a Shaman and an Omen. These personas have been developed to touch on every single aspect of what we do, to provide a holistic experience to our guests and 

members. Every Shaman is accompanied by a set of cards: six good and six bad. These cards have been designed to support and guide our guests through realising their full potential whilst visiting us but also in the comfort of their own space.