Our Vision

Over the past few years, there’s been a growing demand for low ABV and low-sugar serves. From Brooklyn to Houston and Singapore to Mexico City, more and more low ABV and low-sugar options are appearing on menus worldwide.

Sometimes, after the holidays when everyone has “given up” drinking cocktails due to long haul of heavy eating and festivities, it is nice to offer low ABV and low-sugar cocktails as an alternative. After the holidays, guests like to have mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as lower ABV and lower sugar serves on a list. This allows a variation of serves for every customer.

Our first location in Aldgate East at the Leman Locke is an opportunity for us to come up with a F&B alternative that have no precedent in London.

The Leman Locke is at the gate of the most upcoming London areas such as Liverpool Street / Spitafield / Shoreditch. Dive bars, speak easy bar and more have been taking over the drinking scene along side big bar chain that target mainstream crowd and student with Happy hours and low quality offers but volume.

SHAMAN is a different approach to the demand as it responds to the call of currently 20% of alcohol distributors sales and bring to its DNA : Healthy & wellness as much as quality & sustainability.

This unusual combination associated to the food and beverage industry is a first of its kind in UK.

Moreover SHAMAN , wants to be also a grab and go operating all day and aiming offices, healthy travellers, fitness aficionados and more with our healthy food program completing our drinks solutions.


Non-Alcoholic : Taking our inspiration from the success at DIRTY LEMON brand …If you’re a fan of unique, healthy drinks and find yourself craving to try a new method that delivers health benefits, we highly suggest trying the SHAMAN non-alcoholics beverages line. It’s different than powders, vitamins and cleanses that are typical to daily routines. With a wide array of flavors and each doing a different thing to better your skin, body and overall well being, you are bound to find a new favorite addition to your life.

Low ABV: The trend of low alcohol serves is on the rise, with many bars having a whole section of their menu dedicated to these drinks.

In the past, these lower alcohol cocktails didn’t really have a category name and in most classic cocktail books you’ll find this style of drink under the wine section. This changed when Dinah Sanders published her book ‘The art of the shim, Low-alcohol cocktails to keep you level’. Dinah started calling them shim cocktails, after a carpentry word for the small bits of wood used to keep everything level. Recently low ABV serves have also adopted other names such as spritzer (if soda added) or low proof serves.

Low alcohol serves are a great way to add diversity to your menu and give you more options to offer different customers. These serves also work really well for various occasions such as early afternoon or summer.

Another benefit of offering low alcohol serves is that they can really help ensure your guests drink responsibly. These serves allow your customers to have the option to drink less alcohol but still get the same quality and experience as everyone else.

The Food

SHAMAN is a movement and it will be meaningless without its food program…

Like any other movement SHAMAN has brought together a team of dedicated people – each one of them expert in the food industry : from nutritionist to chef and even simple food aficionados they came together to create a unique offering that make SHAMAN project complete.

Beside featuring a fresh array of breads and pastries provide by the sensational DARBY”S Bakery, Our team has led us on the path of the wellness cuisine throughout our all day delicacies.

SHAMAN takes pride in our monthly-changing menu, which is 80% vegetarian, with many vegan and gluten-free options.

Helped by our Nutrition expert Olga Hamilton, SHAMAN simple selection guide each guest to balance their food habits all day long.

Opening Hours

Open 7 Days
7AM – 10:30PM