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Suba Bakery x Shaman Coffee


Website : https://www.subabakery.com

Instagram: @subabakery

Facebook : Suba Bakery

East London-based West African-influenced bakery, with an uncompromising approach to creating signature artisanal bread and viennoiserie, while celebrating traditional methods and exploring multicultural flavours from Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Pa Modou – Head Baker

“I grew up around a wood-red oven where my uncle would produce little biscuit treats called Bun Buns to sell at the local markets. This was my first experience seeing what water, our and re could do, and it was very exciting. I still carry that same excitement with a passion in seeing our and water hand-crafted into quality, slowly-fermented bread and pastries.”

About Suba Bakery

SUBA means ‘Good Morning’ and ‘See you Tomorrow’ in Wolof, it’s the word you hear at the start of your day and also at the end.
Wolof is the national language of Senegal and also prominent in the Gambia and Mauritania. The Wolof tribe have a kind, beautiful and community first nature that centers around sharing. Tea, food, stories and music are used as a centerpiece to nurture existing and potential relationships.

The intention of SUBA is to reflect the essence of the Gambia, taking our experiences, feelings and combining it with new discoveries that originate from diverse parts of the world to share our unique creations.


The inspiration behind using mango in some element in the majority of our products derives from growing up in the Gambia. There’s a mango tree in every corner of the country and in every household. When they are in season and casually ripening and falling of the trees they create the best aroma in the atmosphere. Mango is the driving force behind the uniqueness of our pastries. The French have butter, the Italians have olive oil and we have mango.